Animal Bach Flower Remedies for Adjusting to Change


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This Bach Flower Remedy is specifically targeted to help animals adjust to changes. The remedy contains seven remedies blended including Star of Bethlehem, Agrimony, White Chestnut, Wild Oak, Elm and Beech.

Elm is for animals that are overwhelmed by situations. Elm brings adaptability to them.

Star of Bethlehem brings comfort. For abused animals, or any animal who has suffered injury, trauma, grief or shock.

The Beech Remedy restores acceptance when an animal is intolerant or attacks another animal, children or even a new adult in the family.

Bach Agrimony flower essence helps when animals are restless, and cannot get comfortable

White Chestnut brings clarity to an animal who is restless or sleepless.

Wild Oak Remedy treats a lack of direction and unfulfilled purpose in animals to restore their determination.

As a qualified and experienced Bach Flower Remedies Therapist I work with the Original Bach Flower Remedies to provide treatments for specific emotional issues. Animals are a joy to have in our life. Their exuberant love of life, unconditional love and companionship cannot be matched. Unfortunately some animals develop unwanted issues through no fault of their own from being abandoned, abused or mishandled. Sometimes they can also develop unwanted behaviours even when they have been in a loving home all their lives. This is where Bach Flower Remedies can help. As they are made using the essence of flowers they have no unwanted side effects and are safe and natural to use on animals and humans.

These blends are created from Dr Bach's 38 original Bach Flower Remedies devised in the 1930s after years of research and trial and error.

Instructions: Foro Use: For the majority of behavioural problems, begin with two to four drops, three times a day for up to a month. Once there is an improvement begin weaning the animal by administering only once a day, then every other day and so on. If you are treating one animal in a house full of animals, don't worry. The remedy may be placed in the communal water bowl. Any animal that needs help from a remedy in the mix will get it. There will be no adverse effects or negative interactions for the other animals.

Bach Flower Remedies are intended to treat emotional problems. This is not intended to treat medical problems and if you have a health issue with your animal you should consult your vet.

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